Energy Healing is a branch of alternative, holistic medicine which utilizes life force energy, spiritual practice and somatic process to support the vitality of our mental, emotional and physical bodies. 

Through a meditative process the receiver of the energy healing is lead to experience a higher state of consciousness which can bring them into to an elevated place of peace and relaxation.

Energy Healing can improve a person’s mental, emotional and physical state without the use of chemical medication.

Energy healers may use hands on or hands off techniques as well as other tools such as movement, meditation, yoga, singing, affirmation, channeling, Shamanic ritual, nutrition, herbs or plant medicines etc. to bring a person into a state of more balance. 

Energy healing is a practice which activates the bodies subtle energy system to transform negative energy blockages.

According to ancient Hindu scriptures we have 7 main energy centres in the body, called chakras. However there are many smaller energy points called meridians which move energy through the body connecting nerve bundles and major organs.

The main 7 chakras help categorize themes within our human experience. Each chakra holds information about your mental, physical and emotional patterns and habits and are affected by your past trauma and ancestral history. 

As we have learned through Epigenetics trauma is inherited through our blood lineage. Energy healing can support the transformation negative energy that has become blocked or stuck.

By breaking through these energetic blocks we unlock the bodies inherent ability to heal itself and we can transform our lives for the better. 

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