Welcome friend,

I’m Jaime, but you can call me JLove.

I’m here to help you create more loving relationships by starting with your relationship to yourself.

For the last 10 years I have been teaching, mentoring and coaching people through the challenges that come up in their life & relationships through a radically self-loving and holistic approach.

I want you to attract great friends, find the best possible partner for yourself and experience the joy and pleasure of these connections flourishing over time.

However, you’ve got to be willing to look inward and do the work to break your generational or toxic patterns, learn emotional intelligence, gain confidence and trust in yourself.

With the right tools you can have healthy, harmonious relationships that last!

I know it’s possible and I know that’s what you desire for yourself.

I hold a safe and brave space to honour the experiences that have shaped you. I help you to do the inner work that’s required to heal the wounded child, release old trauma, access the full spectrum of emotions and best of all tap into your unabashed state of joy and pleasure that is your birthright.

We didn’t come here to suffer and it’s time to remember that life is meant to be fun. My approach is to empower the individual, to learn to trust oneself and to enjoy the journey of personal growth.

The goal is always to improve the relationship we have to ourselves and through that first connection we get to share ourselves more lovingly, more vulnerably and more authentically with another.

Our relationships are at the foundation of our human experience and when we nurture the relationship we have with ourselves all of our external interactions improve.

I look forward to learning about you, witnessing your transformation and sharing in the celebration of your evolution.

With love,