Work with Jaime

Jaime offers a number of services including yoga, pilates, meditation, mentorship, hands on healing & Empowerment coaching.

She sees clients at her private studio near Bathurst and Eglington in Toronto, she is also avaiable for SKYPE or phone sessions. You can request for Jaime to see you in your home for an additional cost of $35 (within the GTA).

Private Yoga/Meditation/ Pilates – There will be an initial assessment and client intake form to be discussed on your first session. Depending on your injuries,  limitations, or emotional needs Jaime will suggest a number of stretches, exercises or breath practices unique to you and your intentions with these modalities. $120 per 1 hour session.

Group Yoga/Meditation/ Pilates (8 people or less) – This will be a standard group practice. Each class will have a different theme & sequence.  You may want to book your own private group or you may choose to join one of Jaime’s existing groups.   Please inquire about her private group schedule. Currently there is availability (starting March) Monday 9:30 am for a private Pilates class. $30 per 1 hour session.

Hands on healing – Jaime practices intuitive healing and compassionate touch, she blends restorative & yin yoga, Thai massage, aroma therapy, crystal healing and sound to create a uniquely blissful experience. $150 per 80 minute sessions.

Oracle Card reading – As an intuitive healer, Jaime uses her abilities to channel higher consciousness (spirit) guidance to help connect you to your own guides to receive divine messages. These messages can help you deliver focus and insight to any areas in your life, and help guide you to what the next steps are and how to take action.  $80 for 60 minute session.

Mentorship program: for yoga/meditation/pilates teachers.  You will only be accepted as a mentee if you are already certified and teaching for more then 6 months. It will be expected that you have been practicing for at least 1 year. You will shadow Jaime in her group classes and public/private workshops. You will also have four – one on one sessions with her to discuss teaching style, common injuries, class themes, sequencing, props, working with private clients, personal & spiritual development. $1150  for a 6 month commitment.

Empowerment coaching is an intimate program which requires dedication and devotion to your own personal growth & potential. You will work closely with Jaime to examine your past childhood experiences in order to identify any limiting beliefs, or relationship patterns which have held you from reaching your full potential. This experience is transformational and will focus on making healthy physical, mental, emotional and spiritual changes to expand the way you see yourself and your relationships. You will develop tools to strengthen your self worth and confidence through setting realistic goals. You will learn how to awaken your self healing abilities, find more energy, vitality and happiness. This is the ultimate gift you can give yourself, an essential way to unlock your hidden talents and cultivate & deepen more trust and love within yourself, and  for those who are special to you. You will have six, 60 minute one on one sessions with Jaime either in person or over the phone.  You will also have access to a check in call once a month. There will be accountability homework you will be expected to keep up with. This work is part of your commitment to yourself and is a huge part of the empowerment process. $1500  for a 6 month commitment.

Empowerment session is for those who are curious but not quite ready to fully dive into the deep work, or need a tune up post Empowerment program.  Perhaps you’ve got low energy, or are feeling a little down in the dumps, maybe you have symptoms of feeling unwell. You need a pep talk, some insight, or someone to listen and hold space for you. $175 for 90 minute session.